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How to connect vmware virtual machine server using putty & pgadmin ?

In this artice i will explained about  how to connect vmware virtual machine server using putty utility.

Step 1.check the network adapter of vmnet0,vmnet8 change the ip of same network example for 

Issue the ncpa.cpl at windows search box you will get (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network Connections) direct path of physical netcard
if you have multiple physical netcard like vmne0,vmnet8 ...etc
first try to connect the putty which one netcard having ip after that use ssh like that

Here our physical netcard vmnet0 only having it combined with virual machine of

so first i tried to connect using putty next i used ssh remote command
our physical machine :

VMware machine Ip series should be(2.1-255): 

Step 2.Go to your VM machine select VM->setting->network->NAT THEN GIVE ok,IF you have multiple machine do it same

Step 3.Check the firewall of all vm machine then stop that

#systemctl stop firewalld.service

Step 4.Disable the Selinux also
vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux
then reboot the server using "# init 6"

Step 5.stop the windows firewall also means our physical machine

#Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Windows Defender Firewall->OFF

Step 6.IF you want to use pgadmin4 from your physical machine put the physical machine ip to all pg_hba.con file(how many server want to access from pgadmin) master server pg_hba.conf:
host    all             all             md5 slave_1 server pg_hba.conf:
host    all             all             md5 slave_2 server pg_hba.conf:
host    all             all             md5 slave_3 server pg_hba.conf:
host    all             all             md5


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