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PostgreSQL GUI Installation

I.Postgresql - GUI Installation:
1.Download the edb software following link https://www.enterprisedb.com/downloads/postgres-postgresql-downloads

2. Share Folder fromm host To vmware Workstation
3.Go to root user and go to share folder path and Copy shared Folder to New "/Home" Folder
[root@r1 ~]# cp -r /mnt/hgfs/9.3/postgresql-9.3.14-2-linux.run  /home/
4.Install Postgresql 9.3 as Follows command

[root@r1 ~]# cd /home/
[root@r1 home]# ll
total 35672
drwx------ 3 postgres postgres     4096 Jan 19 10:50 postgres
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root     root     36475400 Jan 19 14:36 postgresql-9.3.14-2-linux.run
drwxr-xr-x 2 root     root         4096 Jan 19 14:15 ppasmeta-
[root@r1 home]# 
5.Run The Postgresql 9.3 it will show some GUI 
[root@r1 home]# ./postgresql-9.3.14-2-linux.run 

6.Specify directory path where PostgreSQL will be installed i gave default data directory "/opt/PostgreSQL/9.3"

7.Specify the data directory where to store our data

8. Give the Password of the Superuser(Postgres)

9.Give the Port number Of the Server (deafult is 5432)

10. Then give next..next it will be installed it will take 10 minutes above

11.Finish it don't install stack builder

12.Connect The Postgres Database  Server As Postgres User 

[root@r1 bin]# pwd 
[root@r1 bin]# ./psql -p 5432 -d postgres -U postgres
Password for user postgres: 
psql.bin (9.3.14)
Type "help" for help.
No entry for terminal type "xterm";
using dumb terminal settings.

Postgresql Uninstallation:
If You want to uninstall the postgres softwar from our server Go to "/opt/PostgreSQL/9.3" directory and Run the below utility
Note:Data will not be deleted.All database will be still there.


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