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vertica Database installation

Installing Vertica is fairly simple.  With the following steps, we will try to understand a  two-node cluster: Download the Vertica installation package from  according to the Linux OS that you are going to use. Now log in as root or use the  sudo  command. After downloading the installation package, install the package using the standard command: For  .rpm  (CentOS/RedHat) packages, the command will be: Copy rpm -Uvh vertica-x.x.x-x.x.rpm For  .deb  (Ubuntu) packages, the command will be: Copy dpkg -i vertica-x.x.x-x.x.deb Refer to the following screenshot for more details: Running the Vertica package In the previous step, we installed the package on only one machine. Note that Vertica is installed under  /opt/vertica . Now, we will set up Vertica on other nodes as well. For that, run the following command on the same node: Copy /opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica -s host_list -r rpm_package -u dba_username He

Vertica Database Administration Tools and Management Console

Vertica Database Administration Tools : The  Vertica  Administration tools allow you to easily perform administrative tasks. You can perform most  Vertica  database administration tasks with Administration Tools. Run Administration Tools using the Database Superuser account on the  Administration host , if possible. Make sure that no other Administration Tools processes are running. If the Administration host is unresponsive, run Administration Tools on a different node in the cluster. That node permanently takes over the role of Administration host. What is Vertica Database Superuser : The automatically-created database user who has the same name as the Linux database administrator account and who can bypass all GRANT/REVOKE authorization, or any user that has been granted the PSEUDOSUPERUSER role. Do not confuse the concept of a database superuser with Linux superuser (root) privilege. A database superuser cannot have Linux superuser privilege. Running the Administr