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PostgreSQL Unattended Mode Installation

III.Postgresql Unattended mode Installation:
Download the edb software following link https://www.enterprisedb.com/downloads/postgres-postgresql-downloads
To specify that the installer should run without user interaction, include the –mode unattended command line option. In unattended mode, the installer uses one of the following sources for configuration parameters:
  • command line options (specified when invoking the installer)
  • parameters specified in an option file
  • Advanced Server installation defaults
Unattended installations are supported on both Windows and Linux systems.
You can embed the non-interactive Advanced Server installer within another application installer; during the installation process, a progress bar displays for the user 

  Using --mode unattended displays a progress bar to the user.
  • To start the installer in unattended mode, specify the –mode unattended option on the command line. For example, to install in unattended mode on a Linux machine, navigate to the directory that contains the Advanced Server installer and enter:
./ppasmeta-linux.bin --mode unattended --superpassword database_superuser_password
  • The --superpassword option specifies a password for the database superuser. If you omit the option, the database superuser password defaults to enterprisedb. The default password can be easily guessed by a potential intruder; be sure to provide a stronger password with the --superpassword option.
  • To start the installer in unattended mode on a Windows system, navigate to the directory that contains the executable file, and enter:
ppasmeta-windows.exe --mode unattended --superpassword database_superuser_password --servicepassword system_password
  • Include the --servicepassword option to specify an operating system password for the user installing Advanced Server. Omitting the option can lead to authentication problems on some Windows systems, and enforced password policies may not accept the default password (enterprisedb).
  • You must have superuser privileges to install Advanced Server using the --mode unattended option on a Linux system. On a Windows system, administrative privileges are required. If you are using the --mode unattended option to install Advanced Server with another installer, the calling installer must be invoked with superuser or administrative privileges.
  • You can control configuration parameters for Advanced Server by specifying options at the command line, or by including the parameters in a configuration file. Specify the parameters within the configuration file in option=value pairs
                                     A sample configuration parameter file.
  • When you invoke the installer, include the --optionfile parameter, and the complete path to the configuration parameter file:
# ./ppasmeta-linux.bin --optionfile /$HOME/config_param
For more information about the command line options supported during an unattended installation, Reference - Command Line Options.


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