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What is TutorialDBA ?

TutorialDBA  is a blog was started on  2017  by Nijamutheen J. This was started with the goal of providing easy how-to guides for PostgreSQL Database administrators. We are always trying to provide high-quality articles which would be easy to learn.

About Me :
I , Nijamutheen J,  am the founder of PublishMAN.com , www.TutorialDBA.com  , discuss.tutorialdba.com2ndquadrant.in .
 I am a PostgreSQL DBA and working as an IT professional since 2003.

Email :  nijam@2ndquadrant.in  , nijam@tutorialdba.com  & nijam@publishMAN.com
Skype ID : Nijamutheenjobs
WhatsApp chat : +918838953252
Linkedin  :  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nijamutheenj/


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