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Redo logfile Modification/Management in Oracle(add,delete,drop and resize redo logfile)

Adding a New Redo Logfile Group
SQL>alter database add logfile group 3  ‘/u01/oracle/ica/log3.ora’ size 10M;

Adding Members to an existing group
SQL>alter database add logfile member ‘/u01/oracle/ica/log11.ora’ to group 1;

Dropping Members from a group
You can drop member from a log group only if the group is having more than one member and if it is not the current group. If you want to drop members from the current group, force a log switch or wait so that log switch occurs and another group becomes current. To force a log switch give the following command

SQL>alter system switch logfile;

the following command can be used to drop a logfile member
SQL>alter database drop logfile member ‘/u01/oracle/ica/log11.ora’;

Dropping Logfile Group
Similarly, you can also drop logfile group only if the database is having more than two groups and if it is not the current group.
SQL>alter database drop logfile group 3;

Resizing Logfiles
You cannot resize logfiles. If you want to resize a logfile create a new logfile group with the new size and subsequently drop the old logfile group.


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