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Disk Storage Location During Database Creation

When you invoke the Create Database command in the Administration Tools, a dialog box allows you to specify the catalog and data locations. These locations must exist on each host in the cluster and must be owned by the database administrator.
Database data directories
When you click OKVertica automatically creates the following subdirectories:
For example, if you use the default value (the database administrator's home directory) of /home/ for the Stock Exchange example database, the catalog and data directories are created on each node in the cluster as follows:


  • Catalog and data path names must contain only alphanumeric characters and cannot have leading space characters. Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in database creation failure.
  • Vertica refuses to overwrite a directory if it appears to be in use by another database. Therefore, if you created a database for evaluation purposes, dropped the database, and want to reuse the database name, make sure that the disk storage location previously used has been completely cleaned up. See Managing Storage Locations for details.


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