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Script to taking postgres DDL backup with their table file name on particular schema

In this shell script will help you to take the backup of postgresql table definition with their table file name automatically. 
The table DDL backup will be taken automatically with seperate file name means table file,
# Config:
export PGPASSWORD="tcs45"
export PGPORT="5444"
export PGHOST=""

TABLES="$(/opt/edb/as9.6/bin/psql -d $DB -U $U -t -c "SELECT table_name FROM
information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema='billing'")"
for table in $TABLES; do
  echo backup $table ...
/opt/edb/as9.6/bin/pg_dump -d $DB -U $U -w -st billing.$table > /home/Admin/2ndquadrant.in/HealthCraft_DC/schemas/billing/tables/billing.$table;
cd /home/Admin/2ndquadrant.in/HealthCraft_DC/schemas/billing/tables
ls -lh
echo done
Note : Here billing is the schema name DBA is the database name so you can change the database and schema name as per your convenient.


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