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PostgreSQL Database auto connect script

Below steps help you to connect the postgresql database automatically without any password prompt
Step 1. create the bash_profile: and set the postgres environment variable
[root@2ndquadrant.in]# cat .bash_profile
export PGPASSWORD="nijam@345"
export PGHOST=""
export PGUSER="enterprisedb"
export PGPORT="5444"
/opt/edb/as9.6/bin/psql -d edb
Step 2. Run the .bash_profile  the this script directly will call the psql and connect the database without prompting any password
[root@2ndquadrant.in]# sh .bash_profile
psql.bin (
Type "help" for help.

edb=# \dt
            List of relations
 Schema |  Name   | Type  |    Owner
 public | dept    | table | enterprisedb
 public | emp     | table | enterprisedb
 public | jobhist | table | enterprisedb
 public | test    | table | enterprisedb
(4 rows)


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