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Sushanth R:Welcome to LiveChat. I'd be glad to assist you today.
09:43nijamutheenblogs1:hi i maintain your host single site why it is taking more time too load site is dbajobs.tutorialdba.com and i have another site but it same cost but that is vps there is maintain 3 site but its getting fast as well
09:43nijamutheenblogs1:also dbajobs.tutorialdba.com not coming any traffic still now
09:44nijamutheenblogs1:here is 6GB and 6 core there is 2GB 2 core
09:44Sushanth R:May I please have the primary domain name associated with the account?
09:45nijamutheenblogs1:daily am sending ticket as well chating regarding for this issue
09:45Sushanth R:Please wait while I check. Thank you for your patience.
09:45nijamutheenblogs1:if not get any improvement surely i will delete this host
09:45nijamutheenblogs1:here cost is 1700 there 1450
09:46Sushanth R:Sir is there any open ticket created for the same?
09:46nijamutheenblogs1:https://dbajobs.tutorialdba.com/ this is your host site
09:47Sushanth R:Can you please give me the ticket id if any ticket is created for the same?
09:48nijamutheenblogs1:this is 2GB ram host http://publishman.com, https://discuss.tutorialdba.com/ ,2ndquadrant.in those are maintain there
09:49nijamutheenblogs1:i need to check my it will take much more time
09:49nijamutheenblogs1:just compare this site with your 6GB ram https://dbajobs.tutorialdba.com/
09:53nijamutheenblogs1:those sites are maintain 2GB ram server only
09:55nijamutheenblogs1:hello are u there ?
09:55Sushanth R:Sir one small request can you please raise a ticket and give us the exact details along with the description
09:56Sushanth R:that would be very helpful if you could create a ticket so that we can replicate it in detail from the server end
09:56nijamutheenblogs1:i dont like to wait with this im working people whenever get time am building this daily cannot spent time like this
09:57nijamutheenblogs1:better i will delete this host how much you will refund
09:57Sushanth R:Sir please give us the exact replication steps over the ticket so that we can provide you the resolution as per that
09:58nijamutheenblogs1:actully sending ticket for last one week the are making compromise only
09:59nijamutheenblogs1:if i spend extra 10 days means i need to pay next month hosting cost
09:59Sushanth R:Sir please send us the exact problem i detail with all the steps so that as per the replication steps we can check that in detail and we can update it to you as per that
10:02Sushanth R:Also there is one ticket created so you can just reply on that along with the steps so that it would help us in finding the resolution in detail
10:04Sushanth R:Are you online sir?
10:04nijamutheenblogs1:yes deleting
10:06Sushanth R:Before deleting you can once reply on the ticket do that you might find the resolution
10:07nijamutheenblogs1:but it will take 10 days to fix that issue
10:08Sushanth R:Once please try doing that sir and still if you are unstisfied you can go with the deletion
10:08nijamutheenblogs1:see problem is
10:09nijamutheenblogs1:this is a shared heavy server name is cloud other nothing
10:09nijamutheenblogs1:richmle8@richmatrimonial.com [~]# free -h
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 30G 28G 1.6G 6.0M 2.0G 13G
-/+ buffers/cache: 13G 17G
Swap: 4.0G 161M 3.8G
10:09nijamutheenblogs1:this proof is enough for understanding
10:10Sushanth R:Sir cloud also works on shared platform but the difference is that you get the dedicated ram and the dedicated core cpu
10:11nijamutheenblogs1:but it will not give simple 1GB vps performance
10:13Sushanth R:Sir instead of all this please give the details and once check sir if you can get the resolution or not
10:13nijamutheenblogs1:what details
10:14Sushanth R:The problem which you are going through and whatever you have checked and explored from your end
10:14nijamutheenblogs1:already given to u
10:15nijamutheenblogs1:if i want to create ticket menas i need to wait one day for replying only
10:15nijamutheenblogs1:then it will take 7 days minimum
10:16Sushanth R:Within 24hrs of time you will be receiving a reply sir..you can just once create a ticket and then check
10:19Sushanth R:Are you online?
10:21Sushanth R:Are you online?


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