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how to maintain host with different server for a specific subdomain without disturbing main domain ?

In this tutorial i will expalined how to build subdomain and how to maintain hosting with differnt server for that specific subdomain without disturbing main domain
  • consider X is a domain name example for www.tutorialdba.com/discuss.tutorialdba.com is domain/subdomain.
  • consider Y is a hosting company
step 1.create sub domain  in X(domain name provider) usig A records example for "discuss.tutorialdba.com"

'A' record should be

Destination IPV4 Address *:  #your hosting IP
TTL :is default is better
Note:since your server has apache running it can have unlimited domains/subdomain on a single IP.once you changed 'A' record it will take 4 hours to reflect globally or then you likely still need to wait for DNS propagation. The propagation cycle can take up to 24 hours to complete.

Step 2.you will need to add the following nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns as root user
this is your domain name provider nameserver & IP,some time name server will not reflect at the time you have to give your (X name server ip)

This entry would be in Y server means your hosting server


3.Then go to your hosting Cpanel(Y server)
Go to new domain on cpanel

New Domain Name :discuss.tutorialdba.com
Subdomain       :discuss
Document Root   :efault path if you want change path give as per your convenient
then click "Add Domain" your subdomain(X) will be attached to this remote hosting(Y).


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