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Why blogger Fail Must Read ?

MUST READ-  Why Bloggers Fail - The Independent Selfishness ( A good day greetings to every old and young, fool and wise Male and female, rich and poor, selfish and generous bloggers. We all know how fast the numbers of bloggers keep increasing day after day, I would say: we have over 50,000+ new bloggers worldwide daily. And what we all sort for (including those new bloggers) is Success. Do you know This success is making money? Well, you can't just tell me you are into blogging just to waste your data subscriptions, or just for passion without the thinking of turning it into a source of extra income (if not fulltime). Another point is: We all want to make Google's front page. With this, a lot of opportunities are open. I assume you know those. Now, the main issue is: Despite all our hardworking, we never know we kill our blogs unintentionally. You must be thinking How? Well, I will simply say 'it's because of our selfishness.' Why do we have to be selfish? or, is it that we don't know we are? With the thinking of becoming successful, I have read through lots of ebooks, but none of these authors ever mentioned that "You Must Not Be Selfish". I noticed they all modify what's already in the air (except for some). Okay, I am now getting off topic? Wait, let me be frank now. I really appreciate everyone here. Why we fail with our blogs is selfishness, we don't give room for fellow bloggers. Why don't we share each other's article and blog to friends? why don't we leave back links for one another? why don't we place free ads for each other? All this is due to our selfishness. Or you think "Why must I share them or post their ads when they don't pay me?" Wait, are you making money from day one, or with you sharing them, you think you will be tagged fool? Oh no! An adage says " The Patience dog eats the fattest bone". With you sharing them, you are calling for respect. If we recognize ourselves and offer help, we will be successful but not when working wit the lazy ones. We can basically promote one another right from here, if A has a blog on news and has 500 Unique Visitors daily, B has a blog on technology and has 0 visitors. A can help B and B can help A through the criteria above. Blogging is not an Easy job as you think, you need to give to receive. Did I just call us Selfish? oh!!! really sorry about that mates. Abuse me and Thank me later, what is the solution you think might work best? let's have your say


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