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PostgreSQL Script for what Query is running more than x minutes with status

This script is useful for what are the query is running more than 'x' minutes(your input values) and that query status,you can list out the query as per your timing and query status
bash-4.1$ cat bash-4.1$
echo "Enter the Timing(minutes) for listing active query";
read time
echo "Enter the Query status Example for idle, idle in transaction, idle in transaction (aborted), disabled";
read status

$PSQL -d $DB -U $USER -p $PORT <<EOF
\pset format wrapped
SELECT pid, now() - query_start as "runtime", usename, datname, waiting, state, query
  FROM  pg_stat_activity
  WHERE now() - query_start > '$time minutes'::interval and state = '$status'
 ORDER BY runtime DESC;
exit 0; 
bash-4.1$ sh active.sh
Enter the Timing(minutes) for listing active query
Enter the Query status Example for idle, idle in transaction, idle in transaction (aborted), disabled
Output format is wrapped.
 pid  |     runtime     |  usename  | datname  | waiting | state  |                                                              query
 5046 | 00:02:35.347025 | emutation | mhrornad | f       | active | SELECT * FROM mhrornad_nad.bulk_data(((E'270100050007440000')::text), ((E'21')::text), ((E'1')::text), ((E'2')::text), ((E'74'):.
      |                 |           |          |         |        |.:text), ((E'ब.')::text), ((E'')::text), ((E'')::text), ((E'')::text), ((E'')::text))
(1 row)


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