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PostgreSQL: Script to Create a Read-Only Database User

Many users has asked me how they can create READ-ONLY user, READ-ONLY Database or How they can create backup user which can be use only for backup (no modification)
Well answer is in parameter called default_transaction_read_only.
If you want to make a user READ-ONLY, then you can follow steps given below:
1. CREATE normal user.
2. Use ALTER USER command to set this parameter for this user as given below:
ALTER USER  set default_transaction_read_only = on;
3. GRANT SELECT to this user for tables/object using GRANT. And you are good to go.
Below is snapshot:
postgres=# create user readonly password 'test';
postgres=# alter user readonly set default_transaction_read_only = on;
postgres=# GRANT select on employees to readonly;
edbs-MacBook-Pro:data postgres$ psql -U readonly -W
Password for user readonly:
psql (9.1.1)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=> select * from employees ;
 employee_name | entity_name
 Smith         | HR
 Jones         | HR
 Taylor        | SALES
 Brown         | SALES
(4 rows)

postgres=> CREATE table test_readonly(id numeric);
ERROR:  cannot execute CREATE TABLE in a read-only transaction

Similarly, If you want to make a Database READ-ONLY, then you can use following command
ALTER DATABASE  set default_transaction_read_only=on;
Below is snapshot:

postgres=# CREATE database readonly;
postgres=# alter database readonly set default_transaction_read_only = on;
postgres=# \q
edbs-MacBook-Pro:data postgres$ psql readonly
psql (9.1.1)
Type "help" for help.

readonly=# create table test_readonly(id numeric);
ERROR:  cannot execute CREATE TABLE in a read-only transaction

Now, if you want a seperate backup user which you want to use for Online/Hot Backup,Logical Backup (using pg_dump), then you can create a super user with default_transaction_read_only = on and can use it for backup purpose. As given below:
CREATE USER backupuser SUPERUSER  password 'backupuser';
ALTER USER backupuser set default_transaction_read_only = on;
Using default_transaction_read_only parameter, user can also make a Session Readonly by executing following command:
set default_transaction_read_only=on;
I hope above would help someone who is interested in having READ-ONLY user,database or backupuser.


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