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PostgreSQL performance Tuning autovacuum

I was unable to disable autovacuum universally (due to the
cant_change_runtime_param error) but I was able to disable it on individual
tables. Still, I know this is heavy handed and sub-optimal. I tried set
autovacuum_naptime='6min' but got the same 55P02 error. Should/can I set
that per table?

I did look at autovacuum_vacuum_threshold and autovacuum_vacuum_scale_**factor
but couldn't make sense out of them. (Besides, I'd probably get the
same 55P02 error if I tried to change them.)
Agreed, don't disable autovacuum.  It's not that demanding, and if you do
need it and forget to run it, it might cause you more problems.

I have a db that's on a VM that doesnt get hit very much.  I've noticed IO
is a little busy (we are talking small percents of percents less than one)
but still more that I thought should be happening on a db with next to no

 I found setting autovacuum_naptime = 6min made the IO all but vanish.

And if I ever get a wild hair and blow some stuff away, the db will clean
up after me.


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