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find TOP 10 Long Running Queries using pg_stat_statements

This is the second day with the PostgreSQL pg_stat_statements module.
In the previous post, I have shared basic steps to configure and enable pg_stat_statements module for tracking query statistics.

In this post, I have prepared one small DBA script to find query statistics such a way that we can easily see the long executed queries.

The PostgreSQL database administrator can use this script for investigating performance related issues.
 ,pss.query AS SQLQuery
 ,pss.rows AS TotalRowCount
 ,(pss.total_time / 1000 / 60) AS TotalMinute 
 ,((pss.total_time / 1000 / 60)/calls) as TotalAverageTime  
FROM pg_stat_statements AS pss
INNER JOIN pg_database AS pd
 ON pss.dbid=pd.oid


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