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PostgreSQL memory allocation for 16 GB

------This Is For 16GB RAM BSNL CLOUD----------
shared_buffers = 1GB               (5-25 %)    
effective_cache_size =4GB  default (50-80 %)   ---->>(shared_buffers+page cache) for dedicated server only
work_mem = 128MB                   (0.3-1 %)
maintenance_work_mem = 1GB         (0.5-4 % )
temp_Buffer =  32MB                    ---->>default is better( setting can be changed within individual sessions)
max_wal_senders = 10
wal_keep_segments = 64
wal_buffers = 32MB                     ----->>leave this default 3% of shared buffer is better
random_page_cost = 3.0                 ----->>For fast disks you could reduce that to 3.0
max_connections = 1000


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