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Impressive Tools to Share Keyboard and Mouse Between Two or More Windows PCs

Sharing of resources is one of the best work optimization techniques and when it comes to everyday computing, you may even look at it as going green. For example, setting up dual monitors is common and sometimes a requirement at work. It plays an important role during meetings and presentations.
However, the demand at times is to use multiple machines, like two or more Windows PCs, together. And on the same grounds we are going to tell you how you could share your mouse and keyboard between multiple Windows PCs. Let us have a look at the list of tools we have identified.
Before we begin, we need to take care that machines are sharing connectivity such that they can identify each other over LAN. You’d need to define one of them as master and others as slave. The master will have the keyboard and mouse connected physically.

Input Director

After having installed Input Director you will need to set up your master system. It also lets you define a hotkey combination for quick toggling between the machines. Or you may also transfer control by dragging the mouse cursor across edges like in dual monitor setup.
At the slave end you will need to define the network address and add machines accordingly. Through Global Preferences  you may enable it to share a common clipboard area. Follow the link for details on usage.


Synergy comes as a cross platform tool which means that you can share between systems using different operating systems. The application lets you choose from using a shared mouse/keyboard or configure the machine server.
You may also want to play with other Options so as to control switching behavior like switch time and switch mechanism. The simplest way would be to define hotkey action pair if you are comfortable with the keyboard. Alternatively, just drag the cursor across. Synergy too comes with a common clipboard option.

Mouse Without Borders

Mouse Without Borders comes with a very simple and easy to handle interface. When you launch the app you will need to enter the Security Code and Other Computer’s Name that you wish to establish connection with. This implies that the application should be installed on all the machines.
It can be used to connect 4 machines at max. Besides sharing a clipboard, it also lets you copy files or drag and drop them from one computer to the other. You are also provisioned to lock all the computers at once.


These are three fantastic tools to help you share your mouse and keyboard. It gives you the feeling of a multiple monitor setup though you are using completely separate computers.
Ever tried any of the above? Know of any other such useful tool?


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