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1. Prepare to Upgrade

1.1 Install 11g in different (new) ORACLE_HOME with following considerationa) When prompted for Upgrade an Existing Database (Select NO)

b) On Select Configuration Option  select Install Software Only

.1.2 Analyze database using pre-upgrade information tool ( utlu112i.sql sql script available at 11g_oracle_home/rdbms/admin/utlu111i.sql  run it from source database i.e. 10g)
sqlplus “/as sysdba”
SQL>spool upgrade_info.log
1.3 Check the output of the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool in upgrade_info.logand fix any issues
Obsolete/Deprecated Parameters: [Update Oracle Database 11.2 init.ora or spfile]
–> “background_dump_dest” replaced by  “diagnostic_dest”
–> “user_dump_dest” replaced by  “diagnostic_dest”
–> “core_dump_dest” replaced by  “diagnostic_dest”
To fix this obsolete parameter, comment out from initialization parameter file and replace with new parameter like comment above three deprecated parameters and add *.diagnostic_dest
WARNING: –> Database is using an old timezone file version.
…. Patch the database to timezone file version 4
…. BEFORE upgrading the database.  Re-run utlu112i.sql after
…. patching the database to record the new timezone file version.
To find time zone file version on source database (10g) runSQL> select * from v$timezone_file;
1.4 Check invalid objectsSQL> select object_name, owner, object_type from all_objects where status like ‘INVALID’;

1.5 Check version & status of all database componentsSQL>select comp_name,version, status from dba_registry;
1.6 Take backup of source database i.e. 10g database
1.7 If you are using spfile, create pfileSQL> create pfile from spfile ;
This will create pfile in 10g $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init[SID].ora
1.8 Copy initialization file (pfile) from source (10g) to target (11g)
1.9 Adjust initialization parameter specific to 11g like
a) Remove *.background_dump_dest, *.core_dump_dest, *.user_dump_dest and add
*.diagnostic_dest=’/11g_base’  (11g Base Directory)
b) Change
2. Upgrade Database
2.1 Shut down source database (10g) - Your downtime starts here
sqlplus “/as sysdba”
SQL>shutdown immediate
2.2 Set your environment variables to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2) :
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/oracle/11gbase/11.2.0
2.3 Start Upgrade
sqlplus “/as sysdba”
SQL> startup upgrade 
Check shared_pool & java_pool size, to set new values
SQL>alter system set java_pool_size=512M;
SQL>alter system set shared_pool_size=800M;

SQL> spool upgrade.log 
SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/catupgrd.sql  (Upgrade process shut down database after catupgrd.sql)
Check alert log in 11g at
2.4 Run Post-Upgrade Status Tool provides a summary of the upgradeSQL> startup
If you hit error like”ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYS.I_DIANA_VERSION) violated” check metalink note # 744693.1
2.5 Perform upgrade actions that do not require the database to be in UPGRADE modeSQL>@?/rdbms/admin/catuppst.sql
2.6 Compile Invalid ObjectsSQL>@?/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql
Check invalid objects
SQL> select count(*) from dba_objects where status like ‘INVALID’;
3. Post Upgrade steps
3.1 Check status of database componentsSQL>select comp_name,version, status from dba_registry;
3.2 Copy tnsnames.ora, listener.ora, sqlnet.ora and include file from source (10g) oracle_home to target (11g) oracle_home
3.3 Back up upgraded (11g) database


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