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How to Understanding the Ease Of Access Center in Windows

The Ease of Access Center is a feature in Windows Vista and Windows 7 that provides an option to set up accessibility settings for programs available. You can use your computer without a display, or use it without mouse or keyboard using this tool.
To use these features you have to go to Ease of Access Center. Click on Start button –> All programs –> Accessories –> Ease Of Access –> Ease of Access Center.
ease of access center
On ease of access center, you’ll find four options at the top: Start Magnifier, Start Narrator, Start On-Screen Keyboard and Set up High Contrast.
ease of access

Start Magnifier

If you want to enlarge that area of the screen where you place your mouse cursor, then enable this option. There is an option to magnify the screen up to 16x. You can also invert screen colors.

Start Narrator

The narrator can be used to read text on the screen. Those who suffer with impaired vision can find this facility useful. There are many options given to change the main narrator settings and voice settings.
microsoft narrator

On Screen Keyboard

If you face any problem in the physical keyboard you use then you can try the on screen keyboard. The standard keyboard with all the standard keys will appear on the screen. You can tap the buttons with the help of mouse to operate it.
on screen keyboard

High Contrast

This option can increase the color contrast of text and images on your screen so that you can easily identify certain items on the screen. You can turn on high contrast theme with the help of keyboard shortcuts. Also there is an option to make objects on the screen (text and images) larger.
high contrast

Use the computer without the display

If you activate this option, narrator (read text on screen) and audio description (description of what’s happening in the video) will be enabled.

Use the computer without mouse or keyboard

On screen keyboard will appear and also, you can speak into microphone to open programs, control the whole computer or type text.

Make the mouse easier to use

Easily change the size and color of mouse pointers. You can also control the mouse with the help of keyboard. There is an option to activate the Window by hovering mouse cursor over it.
Overall, ease of access center in Windows aims to make the computer easier to use for those who are unable to use it normally due to some handicap.


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