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VBoxControl --help

VBoxControl --version (return code: 0)

VBoxControl --help (return code: 0)

Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions Command Line Management Interface Version 5.0.32_Ubuntu
(C) 2008-2017 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.


VBoxControl [-V|--version]           print version number and exit
VBoxControl --nologo ...             suppress the logo

VBoxControl guestproperty            get <property> [--verbose]
VBoxControl guestproperty            set <property> [<value> [--flags <flags>]]
VBoxControl guestproperty            delete|unset <property>
VBoxControl guestproperty            enumerate [--patterns <patterns>]
VBoxControl guestproperty            wait <patterns>
                                     [--timestamp <last timestamp>]
                                     [--timeout <timeout in ms>
VBoxControl sharedfolder             list [-automount]
VBoxControl writecoredump
VBoxControl writelog [-n|--no-newline] [--] <msg>
VBoxControl takesnapshot
VBoxControl savestate
VBoxControl suspend
VBoxControl poweroff
VBoxControl help                     [command]
VBoxControl version


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