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VBoxBalloonCtrl --version (return code: 0)

VBoxBalloonCtrl --help (return code: 0)

--balloon-dec          Sets the ballooning decrement in MB (128 MB).
--balloon-groups       Sets the VM groups for ballooning (all).
--balloon-inc          Sets the ballooning increment in MB (256 MB).
--balloon-interval     Sets the check interval in ms (30 seconds).
--balloon-lower-limit  Sets the ballooning lower limit in MB (64 MB).
--balloon-max          Sets the balloon maximum limit in MB (0 MB).
                       Specifying "0" means disabled ballooning.
Set "VBoxInternal/Guest/BalloonSizeMax" for a per-VM maximum ballooning size.
--balloon-safety-margin Free memory when deflating a balloon in MB (1024 MB).
--apimon-groups        Sets the VM groups for monitoring (all),
                       comma-separated list.
--apimon-isln-response Sets the isolation response to one of:
                       none, pause, poweroff, save, shutdown
--apimon-isln-timeout  Sets the isolation timeout in ms (30s).
--apimon-resp-timeout  Sets the response timeout in ms (30s).


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