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VBoxAutostart --version (return code: 0)

VBoxAutostart --help (return code: 0)

Oracle VM VirtualBox Autostart 5.0.18
(C) 2016 Oracle Corporation
All rights reserved.

 /usr/lib/virtualbox/VBoxAutostart [-v|--verbose] [-h|-?|--help]
 [-F|--logfile=<file>] [-R|--logrotate=<num>] [-S|--logsize=<bytes>]
 [-c|--config=<config file>]

--background, -b:      Run in background (daemon mode).
--help, -h:            Print this help message and exit.
--verbose, -v:         
--start, -s:           
--stop, -d:            
--config, -c:          Name of the configuration file for the global overrides.
--logfile, -F:         Name of file to write log to (no file).
--logrotate, -R:       Number of log files (0 disables log rotation).
--logsize, -S:         Maximum size of a log file to trigger rotation (bytes).
--loginterval, -I:     Maximum time interval to trigger log rotation (seconds).
--quiet, -Q:           

Use environment variable VBOXAUTOSTART_RELEASE_LOG for logging options.


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