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To Mine Bitcoin You need 4 thing

1.Bitcoin miner machine
2.PSU- power supply

Jst connect with electricity and one wire with modern
And then in computer download Ip scanner it will automatically show ur the miner in ip
Add Ur wallet

1. Antminer S9 miner 14th/s mine 0.63 Bitcoin in month
And electricity cost is 286$ in month

Real price
Miner cost- 989$
Psu cost- 120$
Free shipping
If You Need to Buy Miner from me


2.BFL 500 GHS mini rig SC


I am selling this machine at $18750 + free shipping
If u r interested inform me 

Real Miner cost-$22484

It will mine 0.35 a day and electricity cost $708 a day

We are manufacturer🙂


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