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This variable specifies one or more shared libraries to be preloaded at server start. This parameter can only be set at server start. If a specified library is not found, the server will fail to start.
Some libraries need to perform certain operations that can only take place at postmaster start, such as allocating shared memory, reserving light-weight locks, or starting background workers. Those libraries must be loaded at server start through this parameter. See the documentation of each library for details.
Other libraries can also be preloaded. By preloading a shared library, the library startup time is avoided when the library is first used. However, the time to start each new server process might increase slightly, even if that process never uses the library. So this parameter is recommended only for libraries that will be used in most sessions. Also, changing this parameter requires a server restart, so this is not the right setting to use for short-term debugging tasks, say. Use session_preload_libraries for that instead.
Note: On Windows hosts, preloading a library at server start will not reduce the time required to start each new server process; each server process will re-load all preload libraries. However, shared_preload_libraries is still useful on Windows hosts for libraries that need to perform operations at postmaster start time.

Other Defaults

dynamic_library_path (string)
If a dynamically loadable module needs to be opened and the file name specified in the CREATE FUNCTION or LOAD command does not have a directory component (i.e., the name does not contain a slash), the system will search this path for the required file.
The value for dynamic_library_path must be a list of absolute directory paths separated by colons (or semi-colons on Windows). If a list element starts with the special string $libdir, the compiled-in PostgreSQL package library directory is substituted for $libdir; this is where the modules provided by the standard PostgreSQL distribution are installed. (Use pg_config --pkglibdir to find out the name of this directory.)
dynamic_library_path = '/usr/local/lib/postgresql:/home/my_project/lib:$libdir'
or, in a Windows environment:
dynamic_library_path = 'C:\tools\postgresql;H:\my_project\lib;$libdir'
The default value for this parameter is '$libdir'. If the value is set to an empty string, the automatic path search is turned off.
This parameter can be changed at run time by superusers, but a setting done that way will only persist until the end of the client connection, so this method should be reserved for development purposes. The recommended way to set this parameter is in the postgresql.conf configuration file.
gin_fuzzy_search_limit (integer)
Soft upper limit of the size of the set returned by GIN index scans


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