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session_preload_libraries (string)

This variable specifies one or more shared libraries that are to be preloaded at connection start. Only superusers can change this setting. The parameter value only takes effect at the start of the connection. Subsequent changes have no effect. If a specified library is not found, the connection attempt will fail.
The intent of this feature is to allow debugging or performance-measurement libraries to be loaded into specific sessions without an explicit LOAD command being given. For example,auto_explain could be enabled for all sessions under a given user name by setting this parameter with ALTER ROLE SET. Also, this parameter can be changed without restarting the server (but changes only take effect when a new session is started), so it is easier to add new modules this way, even if they should apply to all sessions.
Unlike shared_preload_libraries, there is no large performance advantage to loading a library at session start rather than when it is first used. There is some advantage, however, when connection pooling is used.


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