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RPM Package

Why use the RPM Package?
RPM is a software and services package, a combination of proprietary scripts and consulting services, customized according to the demands of your database.
Burleson Consulting offers the RPM service to capture table and index information for time-series analysis and Oracle capacity planning.  Our RPM scripts interface with pre-defined Oracle tables to store time-series data for Oracle growth management and Oracle capacity planning.
The RPM service provides a complete growth monitoring solution for your Oracle database.  Unlike other expensive Oracle monitors, The RPM solution does not have a cumbersome GUI, and all reports can be generated using SQL*Plus from any client. RPM is the ideal choice for Oracle professionals who need an easy and reliable way to track Oracle capacity planning and Oracle database growth:
Here is an example of the types of stunning trend reports that you can produce from the data inside RPM.
RPM Management Reports
These reports help management track the size and growth of the database for Oracle capacity planning.  This report is indispensable for the IT manager who must ensure that there is enough disk space for their Oracle database.

RPM Oracle DBA Reports
These reports help the Oracle DBA track fragmented tables with chained rows, index splitting and spawning, and monitoring the growth of key tables and indexes.

RPM Service Features
  • Full version Support - Supports Oracle7, Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i and Oracle10g Grid.
  • Complete object details - Captures data on chained rows, table size, and index size.
  • Great Reports - Comes with pre-written SQL*Plus scripts to quickly generate Oracle capacity planning reports.
  • No Cumbersome GUI tool - Oracle RPM allows you to directly manipulate and summarize the object data directly from standard Oracle SQL.
  • For the professional - Once the Oracle table is created, a dbms_job populates the table with detailed table and index information. Oracle RPM Requires knowledge of Oracle SQL*plus to install and run the reports
  • Fast Results - In as little as one day, our OCP certified DBA can fully install RPM.
  • Low Cost - Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on Oracle monitors when you have have a simple and flexible solution right at your fingertips?
  • Guaranteed Results - You receive up to four hours of free expert consulting to assist in the installation, configuration and reporting.


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