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PostgreSQL pgAdmin III Full Notes

pgAdmin III is a comprehensive PostgreSQL database design and management system for Unix and Windows systems. It is freely available under the terms of the The PostgreSQL Licence and may be redistributed provided the terms of the licence are adhered to. The project is managed by the The pgAdmin Development Team.
This software was written as a successor to the original pgAdmin and pgAdmin II products, which though popular, had limitations in the design that prevented them being taken to the ‘next level’. pgAdmin III is written in C++ and uses the excellent wxWidgets (formerly wxWindows) cross platform toolkit. Connection to PostgreSQL is made using the native libpq library.

Using pgAdmin III:
This section explains how you can use pgAdmin to maintain your PostgreSQL databases. pgAdmin supports database server versions 7.3 and up. Versions older than 7.3 are not supported, please use pgAdmin II for these.
When editing the properties of a database object, pgAdmin will support you with help about the underlying PostgreSQL SQL commands, if you press the F1 function key. In order for this to work, the SQL helpsite setting in the options dialog must be set correctly.


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