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pgsql2sqlite --help

pgsql2sqlite --help (return code: 0)

Postgresql/PostGIS to SQLite3 converter
  -? [ --help ]         Display this help screen.
  -h [ --host ] arg     Allows you to specify connection to a database on a 
                        machine other than the default.
  -p [ --port ] arg     Allows you to specify a database port other than the 
  -u [ --user ] arg     Connect to the database as the specified user.
  -d [ --dbname ] arg   postgresql database name
  -P [ --password ] arg Connect to the database with the specified password.
  -q [ --query ] arg    Name of the table/or query to pass to postmaster
  -t [ --table ] arg    Name of the output table to create (default: table in 
  -f [ --file ] arg     Use this option to specify the name of the file to 

usage: pgsql2sqlite --dbname db --table planet_osm_line --file osm.sqlite --query "select * from planet_osm_line"


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