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pg_basebackup --help

pg_basebackup --help 

pg_basebackup takes a base backup of a running PostgreSQL server.

  pg_basebackup [OPTION]...

Options controlling the output:
  -D, --pgdata=DIRECTORY receive base backup into directory
  -F, --format=p|t       output format (plain (default), tar)
  -r, --max-rate=RATE    maximum transfer rate to transfer data directory
                         (in kB/s, or use suffix "k" or "M")
  -R, --write-recovery-conf
                         write recovery.conf after backup
  -T, --tablespace-mapping=OLDDIR=NEWDIR
                         relocate tablespace in OLDDIR to NEWDIR
  -x, --xlog             include required WAL files in backup (fetch mode)
  -X, --xlog-method=fetch|stream
                         include required WAL files with specified method
      --xlogdir=XLOGDIR  location for the transaction log directory
  -z, --gzip             compress tar output
  -Z, --compress=0-9     compress tar output with given compression level

General options:
  -c, --checkpoint=fast|spread
                         set fast or spread checkpointing
  -l, --label=LABEL      set backup label
  -P, --progress         show progress information
  -v, --verbose          output verbose messages
  -V, --version          output version information, then exit
  -?, --help             show this help, then exit

Connection options:
  -d, --dbname=CONNSTR   connection string
  -h, --host=HOSTNAME    database server host or socket directory
  -p, --port=PORT        database server port number
  -s, --status-interval=INTERVAL
                         time between status packets sent to server (in seconds)
  -U, --username=NAME    connect as specified database user
  -w, --no-password      never prompt for password
  -W, --password         force password prompt (should happen automatically)

Report bugs to <pgsql-bugs@postgresql.org>.


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