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How to Solve this errors ORA-01503, ORA-01161, ORA-01110

Problem Scenario:
You are trying to (clone) copy one database to another and you receive the following errors during create controlfile step:
ORA-01503: create controlfile
ORA-01161: database name in file header does not match given name of
 ORA-01110: ………………………………………..
For CREATE CONTROLFILE commands you have to ensure that all the datafiles are from the same database. So in this case the ‘given name’ in the error message is the DB NAME from the first file header. Verify that all the dbf files were copied to the correct directories. Also double check to see if all of them are from the same database.
If everything seems to be perfect but you are still receiving ora-1161 then you might have attempted to create controlfile before copying all the files and then alter/added that file.  During Create Controlfile command oracle allocates a db_id and after this if we add any new files then oracle considers them to be from a different database and gives the errors that you received. So you should copy all the files before creating the controlfile.
This error can also occur if you copy the datafiles as a Unix user other than Oracle. If the owner read/write permissions are not the same as Oracle user, then when the create controlfile command is executed, the datafile header will not be updated and the errors occur.
a. Copy all the datafiles again and re-execute the Create Controlfile command
b. Check read/write permissions and ownership of the copied datafiles


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