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How to Earn Up to $900 with PhonePe - India's Payments App

Earn Up to $900 with PhonePe - India's Payments App. Download it here https://phon.pe/ru_nija83i4y

First share this message At least 3 group then

follow the Below instructions :

*1) Download the app:*
*2) Select Language and Put your mobile number (Which is registered with your Bank Account)*
Note: your network will be charged for this sms OTP 1.50 rupees

*3) Verify your Mobile Number and Choose Any Pin*

*4) Now Look for "Payment Option" and Click on "New"*

*5) Click on "Account Number" 》Add Bank Account*

*If you get any error then try after 2-3 minutes.*

*6) Now Choose Your Bank Account and Select your Registered Number for Sending Message*

*7) They will fetch your Bank Account Details Automatically (It'll take some time, So be patience)*

*8) If you know your UPI Pin then put it else create new one*

*9) You're done now.*

*Now Send Re.1₹ here at  UPI: Mobile Number  +91-8608619291
*You can Redeem that cashback amount in bank account after approval.*


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