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How to Clean Up a Failed Grid Infrastruture Installation in Oracle12C R2 Rac

This article describes how to clean up a failed Grid Infrastructure installation. It specifically focuses on what to do if the "root.sh" script fails during this process and you want to rewind and start again.

Grid Infrastructure

On all cluster nodes except the last, run the following command as the "root" user.
# perl $GRID_HOME/crs/install/rootcrs.pl -verbose -deconfig -force
On the last cluster node, run the following command as the "root" user.
# perl $GRID_HOME/crs/install/rootcrs.pl -verbose -deconfig -force -lastnode
This final command will blank the OCR configuration and voting disk.
You should be in a position to rerun the "root.sh" file now, but if you are using ASM, you will need to prepare your ASM disks before doing so.

ASM Disks

Once you attempt an installation, your ASM disks are marked as being used, so they can no longer be used as candidate disks. To revert them to candidate disk do the following.
Overwrite the header for the relevant partitions using the "dd" command.
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1024 count=100
Remove and create the ASM disk for each partition.
# /etc/init.d/oracleasm deletedisk DATA /dev/sdb1
# /etc/init.d/oracleasm createdisk DATA /dev/sdb1


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