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Editing the configuration files to enable BDR

Edit the postgresql.conf file for both nodes/instances:
    shared_preload_libraries = 'bdr'
    wal_level = 'logical'
    track_commit_timestamp = on
    max_connections = 100
    max_wal_senders = 10
    max_replication_slots = 10
    # Make sure there are enough background worker slots for BDR to run
    max_worker_processes = 10

    # These aren't required, but are useful for diagnosing problems
    #log_error_verbosity = verbose
    #log_min_messages = debug1
    #log_line_prefix = 'd=%d p=%p a=%a%q '

    # Useful options for playing with conflicts
    #bdr.default_apply_delay=2000   # milliseconds
Edit or uncomment authentication parameters to allow replication in the pg_hba.conf file for both nodes/instances:
    local   replication   postgres                  trust
    host    replication   postgres trust
    host    replication   postgres     ::1/128      trust


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