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createlang --help

createlang --help (return code: 0)

createlang installs a procedural language into a PostgreSQL database.

  createlang [OPTION]... LANGNAME [DBNAME]

  -d, --dbname=DBNAME       database to install language in
  -e, --echo                show the commands being sent to the server
  -l, --list                show a list of currently installed languages
  -V, --version             output version information, then exit
  -?, --help                show this help, then exit

Connection options:
  -h, --host=HOSTNAME       database server host or socket directory
  -p, --port=PORT           database server port
  -U, --username=USERNAME   user name to connect as
  -w, --no-password         never prompt for password
  -W, --password            force password prompt

Report bugs to <pgsql-bugs@postgresql.org>.


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