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bcp --version (return code: 0)

bcp 1.58.0
Jun 14 2016
no errors detected
bcp --help (return code: 0)

   bcp --list [options] module-list
   bcp --list-short [options] module-list
   bcp --report [options] module-list html-file
   bcp [options] module-list output-path

   --boost=path     sets the location of the boost tree to path
   --scan           treat the module list as a list of (possibly non-boost)
                    files to scan for boost dependencies
   --svn            only copy files under cvs version control
   --unix-lines     make sure that all copied files use Unix style line endings
   --namespace=name rename the boost namespace to name (also changes library names).
   --namespace-alias Makes namespace boost an alias of the namespace set with --namespace.

module-list:         a list of boost files or library names to copy
html-file:           the name of a html file to which the report will be written
output-path:         the path to which files will be copied
no errors detected


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