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bashbug --version (return code: 0)

GNU bashbug, version 4.3.46-release
bashbug --help (return code: 0)

GNU bashbug, version 4.3.46-release
Usage: /usr/bin/bashbug [--help] [--version] [bug-report-email-address]

Bashbug is used to send mail to the Bash maintainers
for when Bash doesn't behave like you'd like, or expect.

Bashbug will start up your editor (as defined by the shell's
EDITOR environment variable) with a preformatted bug report
template for you to fill in. The report will be mailed to the
bug-bash mailing list by default. See the manual for details.

If you invoke bashbug by accident, just quit your editor without
saving any changes to the template, and no bug report will be sent.


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