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b2 -v (return code: 0)

Boost.Jam  Version 2015.07. OS=LINUX.
   Copyright 1993-2002 Christopher Seiwald and Perforce Software, Inc.
   Copyright 2001 David Turner.
   Copyright 2001-2004 David Abrahams.
   Copyright 2002-2015 Rene Rivera.
   Copyright 2003-2015 Vladimir Prus.
b2 -h (return code: 1)

usage: b2 [ options ] targets...

-a      Build all targets, even if they are current.
-dx     Set the debug level to x (0-9).
-fx     Read x instead of Jambase.
-jx     Run up to x shell commands concurrently.
-lx     Limit actions to x number of seconds after which they are stopped.
-mx     Maximum target output saved (kb), default is to save all output.
-n      Don't actually execute the updating actions.
-ox     Mirror all output to file x.
-px     x=0, pipes action stdout and stderr merged into action output.
-q      Quit quickly as soon as a target fails.
-sx=y   Set variable x=y, overriding environment.
-tx     Rebuild x, even if it is up-to-date.
-v      Print the version of jam and exit.
--x     Option is ignored.

Invalid option: -h


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