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The awrrpti.sql script in located in the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory. 
The awrrpti.sql SQL script generates a report (in HTML or text) that displays statistics for a range of snapshot Ids on a specified instance.
The only difference between awrrpt.sql and awrrpti.sql is that awrrpti.sql reports on a single instance.

As discussed earlier, the awrrpt.sql script will generate an AWR report for the current instance. If you want to generate a report for another instance, the awrrpti.sql script can be used instead. The script will ask for the database ID and the instance ID.
SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/awrrpti.sql
Specify the Report Type
Would you like an HTML report, or a plain text report?
Enter 'html' for an HTML report, or 'text' for plain text
Defaults to 'html'
Enter value for report_type: text
Type Specified:  text
Instances in this Workload Repository schema
       DB Id Inst Num DB Name      Instance     Host
------------ -------- ------------ ------------ ------------
  2793090278        2 ORCL         orcl2        host02
* 2793090278        1 ORCL         orcl1        host01
Enter value for dbid: 2793090278
Using 2793090278 for database Id
Enter value for inst_num: 2
Using 2 for instance number

The asterisk shows the currently connected instance. You can choose to run the report for any of the instances of the database. At this point, the rest of the AWR report is no different than the awrrpt.sql script as discussed in the previous section of this chapter.  


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