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 I need to understand how the awrinfo.sql script is used.  Can you describe the awrinfo.sql script?
Answer: The awrinfo.sql script in located in the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory.  This awrinfo.sql script reports on the SYSAUX tablespace and provides many details on the state of the AWR (automatic workload repository) tables.
Also see my notes on comparing two AWR reports with awrddrpt.sql.
The awrinfo.sql script provides space used by AWR, a report on AWR snap ids, Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) information and Active Session History (ASH) information.  More specifically, the awrinfo.sql script provides reports on these areas:
  • ADDM related information
  • AWR retention settings
  • AWR snapshot size estimates (by day, week per instance and week per database)
  • Oldest- non baseline AWR snapshots
  • SYSAUX occupant space usage by table
  • SYSAUX space usage by unregistered schemas
  • SYSAUX tablespace usage summary, organized by schema owner
  • Total number of AWR snapshots
  • Various other space usage reports

 The most important use of the awrinfo.sql script is the retention periods for the AWR tables.  These are critical because you want a large enough SYSAUX tablespace to hold many months of AWR data.


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