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 I need to understand how the awrddrpt.sql script is used.  Can you describe the awrddrpt.sql script output?
The awrddrpt.sql script is the AWR "diff" report for comparing two AWR reports.
The awrddrpt.sql script is located in the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory.  This awrddrpt.sql script compares two time periods.  To do this, the awrddrpt.sql script accepts four snapshot values for the first AWR report.  Next, the awrddrpt.sql script accepts another start snapshot and end snapshot.
Once the four snapshot numbers are collected, the awrddrpt.sql script creates two AWR reports and then compares the two reports.  The awrddrpt.sql script is very useful for comparing performance during two elapsed time periods. 
For example, is we wanted to compare the period between 3:00 PM-4:00 PM for Wednesday to the same time period on Thursday, we could use the awrddrpt.sql script.
Specify the First Pair of Begin and End Snapshot Ids
Enter value for begin_snap: 13747
First Begin Snapshot Id specified: 13747

Enter value for end_snap: 13749
First End Snapshot Id specified: 13748

Specify the Second Pair of Begin and End Snapshot Ids
Enter value for begin_snap2: 13915
Second Begin Snapshot Id specified: 13915

Enter value for end_snap2: 13917
Second End Snapshot Id specified: 13916


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