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avivotool -V (return code: 255)

fatal error: Unable to see card
cannot find Radeon device
avivotool (return code: 255)

usage: avivotool [options] [command]
         --debug            - show a little debug info
         --skip=1           - use the second radeon card
         regs <set>         - show a listing of some random registers
                              <set> restricts: all, core, mc, crtc1, cur1
         regsrange <start> <end> - show registers for a given range (wrong
                                   range can result in lockup!)
         regmatch <pattern> - show registers matching wildcard pattern
         regset <pattern> <value> - set registers matching wildcard pattern
         romtables <path>   - dumps the BIOS tables from either a given path
                              or 'mmap' to get it from memory
         output <output> <enable|disable> - turns the specified
                                            output on or off
         i2c-monitor        - do something
         i2c-monitor <gpio_in> <gpio_out> - do something


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