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avahi-publish-service --version (return code: 0)

avahi-publish-service 0.6.32-rc
avahi-publish-service --help (return code: 0)

avahi-publish-service [options] [-s] <name> <type> <port> [<txt ...>]
avahi-publish-service [options] -a <host-name> <address>

    -h --help            Show this help
    -V --version         Show version
    -s --service         Publish service
    -a --address         Publish address
    -v --verbose         Enable verbose mode
    -d --domain=DOMAIN   Domain to publish service in
    -H --host=DOMAIN     Host where service resides
       --subtype=SUBTYPE An additional subtype to register this service with
    -R --no-reverse      Do not publish reverse entry with address
    -f --no-fail         Don't fail if the daemon is not available


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