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avahi-daemon --version (return code: 0)

avahi-daemon 0.6.32-rc
avahi-daemon --help (return code: 0)

avahi-daemon [options]
    -h --help          Show this help
    -D --daemonize     Daemonize after startup (implies -s)
    -s --syslog        Write log messages to syslog(3) instead of STDERR
    -k --kill          Kill a running daemon
    -r --reload        Request a running daemon to reload static services
    -c --check         Return 0 if a daemon is already running
    -V --version       Show version
    -f --file=FILE     Load the specified configuration file instead of
       --no-rlimits    Don't enforce resource limits
       --no-drop-root  Don't drop privileges
       --no-chroot     Don't chroot()
       --no-proc-title Don't modify process title
       --debug         Increase verbosity


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