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autopkgtest -V (return code: 20)

usage: autopkgtest [options] [testbinary ...] testsrc -- virt-server [options]
autopkgtest: error: unrecognized arguments: --version
autopkgtest --help (return code: 20)

usage: autopkgtest [options] [testbinary ...] testsrc -- virt-server [options]

Test installed binary packages using the tests in testsrc.

testsrc can be one of a:
 - Debian *.dsc source package
 - Debian *.changes file containing a .dsc source package (and possibly binaries to test)
 - Debian source package directory
 - click source directory (optional if a *.click binary is given whose manifest points to the source)
 - apt source package name (through apt-get source)
 - Debian source package in git (url#branchname)

You can specify local *.deb packages or a single *.click package to test.

arguments for specifying and modifying the test:
  --override-control PATH
                        run tests from control file/manifest PATH instead of
                        the source/click package
  --test-name TESTNAME  run only given test name. This replaces --testname,
                        which is deprecated.
  -B, --no-built-binaries
                        do not build/use binaries from .dsc, git source, or
                        unbuilt tree
  --installed-click CLICKNAME
                        Run tests from already installed click package (e. g.
                        "com.example.myapp"), from specified click source
                        directory or manifest's x-source.
  packages              testsrc source package and testbinary packages as

logging options:
  -o OUTPUT_DIR, --output-dir OUTPUT_DIR
                        Write test artifacts (stdout/err, log, debs, etc) to
                        OUTPUT-DIR (must not exist or be empty)
  -l LOGFILE, --log-file LOGFILE
                        Write the log LOGFILE, emptying it beforehand, instead
                        of using OUTPUT-DIR/log
  --summary-file SUMMARY
                        Write a summary report to SUMMARY, emptying it
  -q, --quiet           Suppress all messages from autopkgtest itself except
                        for the test results

test bed setup options:
  --setup-commands COMMANDS_OR_PATH
                        Run these commands after opening the testbed (e. g.
                        "apt-get update" or adding apt sources); can be a
                        string with the commands, or a file containing the
  -U, --apt-upgrade     Run apt update/dist-upgrade before the tests
  --setup-commands-boot COMMANDS_OR_PATH
                        Run these commands after --setup-commands, and also
                        every time the testbed is rebooted
  --apt-pocket POCKETNAME[=pkgname,src:srcname,...]
                        Enable additional apt source for POCKETNAME. If
                        packages are given, set up apt pinning to use only
                        those packages from POCKETNAME; src:srcname expands to
                        all binaries of srcname
                        Copy file or dir from host into testbed after opening
  --env VAR=value       Set arbitrary environment variable for builds and test

user/privilege handling options:
  -u USER, --user USER  run tests as USER (needs root on testbed)
  --gain-root GAINROOT  Command to gain root during package build, passed to
                        dpkg-buildpackage -r

debugging options:
  -d, --debug           Show lots of internal autopkgtest debug messages
  -s, --shell-fail      Run a shell in the testbed after any failed build or
  --shell               Run a shell in the testbed after every test

timeout options:
  --timeout-copy T      set copy timeout to T seconds (default: 300s)
  --timeout-build T     set build timeout to T seconds (default: 100000s)
  --timeout-test T      set test timeout to T seconds (default: 10000s)
  --timeout-install T   set install timeout to T seconds (default: 3000s)
  --timeout-short T     set short timeout to T seconds (default: 100s)
  --timeout-factor FACTOR
                        multiply all default timeouts by FACTOR

locale options:
  --set-lang LANGVAL    set LANG on testbed to LANGVAL (default: C.UTF-8

other options:
  --no-auto-control     Disable automatic test generation with autodep8
  --build-parallel N    Set "parallel=N" DEB_BUILD_OPTION for building
                        packages (default: number of available processors)
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

The -- argument separates the autopkgtest actions and options
from the virt-server which provides the testbed. See e. g. man autopkgtest-schroot
for details.


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