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authorindex -V (return code: 2)

Can't open version.aux: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/authorindex line 113.
You have to include .aux file produced by .tex file containing \begin{document}
in the argument list and you have to \usepackage{authorindex}!
authorindex -h (return code: 255)

Usage: /usr/bin/authorindex [-d] [-h] [-i] [-k] [-p] [-r] [filename ...]

-d generate additional statistical information as comments
-i generate file (with extension .ain) suitable as input for makeindex
-k keep auxiliary bibliography style file _autidx_.bst after script finishes
-h print this help and exit
-r  suppresses  automatic inclusion of .aux generated by \include-ed files
-p send result to standard output

Any number of file names can be given. If none is given, input is read from
standard input. Otherwise, all files specified are read, after the extension
.aux has been appended to their name where necessary.


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