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arp -V (return code: 5)

net-tools 1.60
arp 1.88 (2001-04-04)
arp --help (return code: 4)

  arp [-vn]  [<HW>] [-i <if>] [-a] [<hostname>]             <-Display ARP cache
  arp [-v]          [-i <if>] -d  <host> [pub]               <-Delete ARP entry
  arp [-vnD] [<HW>] [-i <if>] -f  [<filename>]            <-Add entry from file
  arp [-v]   [<HW>] [-i <if>] -s  <host> <hwaddr> [temp]            <-Add entry
  arp [-v]   [<HW>] [-i <if>] -Ds <host> <if> [netmask <nm>] pub          <-''-

        -a                       display (all) hosts in alternative (BSD) style
        -s, --set                set a new ARP entry
        -d, --delete             delete a specified entry
        -v, --verbose            be verbose
        -n, --numeric            don't resolve names
        -i, --device             specify network interface (e.g. eth0)
        -D, --use-device         read <hwaddr> from given device
        -A, -p, --protocol       specify protocol family
        -f, --file               read new entries from file or from /etc/ethers

  <HW>=Use '-H <hw>' to specify hardware address type. Default: ether
  List of possible hardware types (which support ARP):
    ash (Ash) ether (Ethernet) ax25 (AMPR AX.25) 
    netrom (AMPR NET/ROM) rose (AMPR ROSE) arcnet (ARCnet) 
    dlci (Frame Relay DLCI) fddi (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) hippi (HIPPI) 
    irda (IrLAP) x25 (generic X.25) eui64 (Generic EUI-64) 


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