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arlatex -V (return code: 255)

arlatex 1.03
arlatex --help (return code: 0)

    arlatex [--outfile=*filename*.tex] --document=*filename*.tex *filename*

    arlatex --version

 arlatex --help

        Output the arlatex script's version number.

        Output brief arlatex usage information.

    --document=*.tex file*
        Specify the master document. The output from arlatex is this file
        with all of the other files named on the command line prepended to
        it. Note that "--document" is a *mandatory* parameter; arlatex will
        abort with an error message if "--document" is not specified.

    --outfile=*.tex file*
        Specify the output file. The output file looks just like the master
        document, but with a number of "filecontents*" environments
        preceding the "\documentclass" line. If "--outfile" is not
        specified, output will be written to the standard output device.


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