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apt-ftparchive --version (return code: 0)

apt 1.2.19 (amd64)
apt-ftparchive --help (return code: 0)

apt 1.2.19 (amd64)
Usage: apt-ftparchive [options] command
Commands: packages binarypath [overridefile [pathprefix]]
          sources srcpath [overridefile [pathprefix]]
          contents path
          release path
          generate config [groups]
          clean config

apt-ftparchive generates index files for Debian archives. It supports
many styles of generation from fully automated to functional replacements
for dpkg-scanpackages and dpkg-scansources

apt-ftparchive generates Package files from a tree of .debs. The
Package file contains the contents of all the control fields from
each package as well as the MD5 hash and filesize. An override file
is supported to force the value of Priority and Section.

Similarly apt-ftparchive generates Sources files from a tree of .dscs.
The --source-override option can be used to specify a src override file

The 'packages' and 'sources' command should be run in the root of the
tree. BinaryPath should point to the base of the recursive search and 
override file should contain the override flags. Pathprefix is
appended to the filename fields if present. Example usage from the 
Debian archive:
   apt-ftparchive packages dists/potato/main/binary-i386/ > \

  -h    This help text
  --md5 Control MD5 generation
  -s=?  Source override file
  -q    Quiet
  -d=?  Select the optional caching database
  --no-delink Enable delinking debug mode
  --contents  Control contents file generation
  -c=?  Read this configuration file
  -o=?  Set an arbitrary configuration option


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