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appstreamcli --version (return code: 0)

AppStream CLI tool version: 0.9.4
appstreamcli --help (return code: 0)

  appstreamcli [OPTION...] - AppStream CLI.

AppStream command-line interface

  search [TERM] - Search the component database.
  get [COMPONENT-ID] - Get information about a component by its ID.
  what-provides [TYPE] [VALUE] - Get components which provide the given item.
    [TYPE] - A provides-item type (e.g. lib, bin, python3, ...)
    [VALUE] - Select a value for the provides-item which needs to be found.

  dump [COMPONENT-ID] - Dump raw XML metadata for a component matching the ID.
  refresh-index - Rebuild the component information cache.

  validate [FILE] - Validate AppStream XML files for issues.
  validate-tree [DIRECTORY] - Validate an installed file-tree of an application for valid metadata.

  install [COMPONENT-ID] - Install software matching the component-id.
  remove  [COMPONENT-ID] - Remove software matching the component-id.

  put [FILE] - Install a metadata file into the right location.
  status - Display various information about installed AppStream metadata.

Help Options:
  -h, --help       Show help options

Application Options:
  --version        Show the program version
  --verbose        Show extra debugging information
  --no-color       Don't show colored output
  --force          Enforce a cache refresh
  --details        Print detailed output about found components
  --no-cache       Do not use the Xapian cache when performing the request
  --dbpath         Manually set the location of the AppStream cache
  --datapath       Manually set the location of AppStream metadata for cache regeneration
  --pedantic       Print even pedantic hints when validating


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